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British Bangers : Learn how to make a British breakfast sausages

12th March 2016 Breakfast Recipe

Bangers Sausage Recipe : Learn how to make a proper sausage the British way

Great Britain is one of the worlds leading sausage producing nations, we produce over 400 different kinds of sausages, we have famous sausage producing regions and we even raise special kinds of pig to make the pork in the millions of sausages that we British eat on a daily basis.

But the most famous sausage by far is the great British banger, made from pork and a simple blend of herbs and spices, its easily the nations favourite breakfast sausage, even if they are not really bangers that go bang in the pan anymore. If you are interested in why they are called bangers, head over to our bangers research page for a bit more background and history on the banger breakfast sausage.


Getting The Bangers Mix Right

In theory bangers are simple to make, they are after all ground up meat with a few spices mixed up and squeezed into a pig (sometimes known as hog casings) casing. But if you want to make real British breakfast sausages that taste like the real thing, then you have to know how to balance the spices, herbs, fat content, with just the right filler. Stick to our bangers breakfast sausage recipe and they should turn out just fine and perfect to enjoy with your English breakfast.

In this recipe, we are going to stick to the traditional banger breakfast sausage recipe and say that the standard ingredients are pork (boneless lean shoulder), pork fat, salt, mace, ginger, sage, onion powder, nutmeg and finally some breadcrumbs (or rusk if you can get or make it).

We are going to make a 5-7 sausages with this recipe depending on how fat you want them and I am using a kilo of lean shoulder pork, but you can easily make more by adding more meat and a touch more herbs and spices.


Prepare Your Bangers Seasoning

First things first, prepare your seasoning. Mix together two teaspoons of thyme, two teaspoons of salt, two teaspoons of sage, one teaspoon of nutmeg, one teaspoon of onion powder, two teaspoons of mace and two teaspoons of ginger, then mix in eight ounces of breadcrumbs.

Make sure everything is freezing cold, the bowl that will hold your meat, your grinding plate and blades, put them in the freezer if you have to, you want to keep the meat as cold as possible.


Grind Your Meat

Now you can start grinding your meat and fat, make sure its cold with a temperature of less than 30°F and grind the meat through a coarse meat grinding plate, a 10mm plate will be ideal. As long as the meat stays cold, grind it again to make sure its as fine as it can be.

We want the meat to fat ration to be roughly 80/20 to give our sausages a nice banger taste and we want to make sure that throughout this process, the meat is kept at below 30°F, put the meat back into the freezer for a while if it falls below this temperature before you mix in your seasoning, then the temperature of the meat drops down, properly mix in your seasoning with your hands and make sure it is thoroughly mixed in, then put it back in the freezer to cool down to below 30°F again.


Stuff Your Bangers

Once your bangers mix is cold enough (below 30°F) you can take it our of the freezer and start stuffing your sausages into the casing (pig intestines). Stuff the bangers mix into the casing, it should not be too loose and make your sausages as long as you want them to be, twisting them into sausage links.

When you have made a string of five bangers, cut off the link and roll the bangers in your hands to fill out the casing properly and get their shapes nice and rounded. I there are air pockets in your bangers, gently prick the casing with a sterile needle and tighten the link to eject the air and fill out the casing.

Keep doing this until you have used up all of your bangers mix and once you have rolled all of your bangers into nice looking sausages, tightened the links and properly tied off the ends you will want to hang your links for a couple of hours. If you do not want to hang them, you can let them sit uncovered overnight in the fridge, do this before freezing them. Your bangers should stay fresh for a week in the fridge and keep for up to a year in the freezer if you vacuum seal them properly in a freezer bag.


Cook Your Bangers & Eat Them !

Usually when making an English breakfast, the sausages are almost always either fried or grilled until they are properly cooked on the outside and inside. Bangers are not just breakfast sausages, they are also fantastic on sandwiches, but the most famous dish that contains bangers is obviously bangers and mash, served with lashings of onion gravy, a staple for generations of British people.

You should feel free to experiment with the different levels of spices, herbs and fat, the quantities I mentioned are my own personal preference and bangers do not have to all taste exactly the same, even if they do have that distinct banger taste. If you liked this recipe, please share with others.

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Author : Guise Bule

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