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12th March 2016 Breakfast Recipe

Full English Breakfast Recipe : Indulge yourself in a fine old British tradition

We get a lot of visits from our American, Canadian and Australian cousins who frequently ask us how to make a proper English breakfast and about the right ingredients, so we created this English breakfast recipe and guide to making the traditional full English breakfast just for you.

The traditional full English breakfast can be a real feast of different ingredients, but for convenience purposes we are going to stick to the standard ingredients that you would commonly find on most menus and that you are likely to to find in most supermarkets, butchers or delicatessens.


Ingredients, Cooking & Preparation Time

What should be on the list of 'standard' ingredients in an English breakfast is hotly debated, some people argue that black pudding is a prerequisite, others argue that french fries of hash browns have no place on an English breakfast plate and we would agree with them.

In this recipe, we are going to stick to the cultural norm and say that the standard ingredients are British back bacon, British pork sausage, black pudding, baked beans, eggs, tomato and mushrooms.

The cooking time is around 35 minutes, with a ten minute preparation time if you are grilling as we are, but you can also fry your breakfast which speeds things up, but is obviously unhealthier.

We advise you to grill your breakfast, but we do fry our sausages. This English breakfast contains approximately 850-1250 calories, between 45g-60g of fat, of which roughly 15g-20g are saturated.

Its fine to substitute the back bacon for Canadian or American bacon if you cannot get hold of any, I could not get any black pudding for instance, even the sausages can be substituted with a local variety, in fact in the old days local varieties of meat ingredients was the norm. Do not be afraid to reach for a tin of Heinz baked beans rather than bake your own, a generation of us grew up on them.


Preparing To Cook Your Breakfast

If you are grilling your bacon and sausage, you want to prick holes in the sausage so they do not burst and make small cuts in the fat of the bacon so that it does not curl up and grills evenly. You also want to cut your tomato and mushrooms up into fat slices so that you can grill them too.

A lot of people like a slice of fried bread with their English breakfast, in addition to the toasted bread that is an essential part of the breakfast, so make sure you have your bread to hand and sliced.


Start Cooking Your Meats

I like to start grilling my bacon, tomatoes and mushrooms first, then start frying my sausages and black pudding which can be kept warm under the grill while everything else is being cooked. Make sure that you turn over everything in the grill to make sure that both sides of everything gets cooked evenly, keep an eye on the grill while you fry your sausages. If you have a nice hot grill when things go in, they do not take much longer than the sausages to cook, but watch your bacon does not burn.


Fry Your Eggs While You Toast Your Bread

Once your sausages are done, put those on a warm plate to keep warm and start frying your eggs. User a fresh pan with clean sunflower oil to cook your eggs, you can use this same pan to fry your bread if you wanted to try that as well, just fry your bread until its golden brown and crispy.

You want to have a fair amount of oil in the pan when you are frying your eggs, enough so that you can flick hot oil onto the surface of the egg to cook the top of it properly while keeping the yolk runny.

While you are doing all of this, pop your baked beans into microwave so they are nice and hot when you are ready to plate your breakfast up. I like my beans in a separate container on the plate.


Add Coffee, Orange Juice and Water

Because you heated a plate earlier, you have a nice warm plate containing all of your cooked ingredients still nice and hot ready to be laid out on the table. I like to lay my table properly and eat breakfast slowly with a view, watching the boats leave the port in the morning.

Essential parts of the English breakfast are toast with proper salted butter, coffee made properly, freshly squeezed orange juice and a glass of chilled water.


Optional Traditional Ingredients

As I said earlier, I stuck to the 'standard' ingredients in my English breakfast here, but traditionally the English breakfast contained much more than these commonly found ingredients, although it is hard to find them being served and even harder to cook them yourself.

If you wanted to be more decadent and treat yourself, you can add bone marrow, pork crackling, a huge pork chop and and home made baked beans to make a really traditional English breakfast feast. Photo credit: Toby Keane, Hawksmoor.

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Author : Guise Bule

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