What is the English Breakfast Society ?

The English Breakfast Society (EBS) is a learned society of fellows, dedicated to the tradition and heritage of the full English breakfast. We are a non-profit organisation, staffed by volunteer English breakfast enthusiasts and completely independent of the retail & farming industries.

What is your mission ?

We research the tradition and history of the English breakfast to make it publicly available on this website, we also provide guidance and information to members of the media on all matters relating to the full English breakfast. Click here to see our English breakfast media coverage.

Why was Society founded ?

Our Chairman cares about a centuries old tradition, one that he saw falling into decline nationally and suffering from poor standards in preparation and ingredients. He felt that the tradition is one worth saving and he works to restore the tradition of the English breakfast back to its former glory.

How can I become a member ?

Members of our society hold the title of Fellow and are listed in the Fellows Directory. The only way to become a Fellow is to make a contribution to our cause in some tangible way, be it cultural or financial, to help us further our goals as a society. Please visit our Patreon page to learn more.

Where is your society based ?

We are headquartered in Hertfordshire, England, but through this website we have an international footprint and we welcome thousands of visitors every month from all over the world. The English Breakfast Society operates the most popular English breakfast website on the internet.

Do you accept donations?

We do accept donations and we use them to pay for website hosting, support our activities and spread news of the tradition. If you want to show your appreciation for our work and efforts, please visit our Patreon page or click the patron button below. We would sincerely appreciate the support.

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