English Breakfast Day

by Guise Bule Good Cause


Support A Great Tradition On English Breakfast Day

The tradition of the full English breakfast is one that is regularly enjoyed in all four corners of the earth, by British expatriates, Commonwealth citizens and English breakfast fans of every nationality.

Whenever the British travel, they take the tradition of the full English breakfast with them and enthusiastically encourage others to eat it when they make one.

Back in the 19th century the British merchant navies exported the tradition of a full English breakfast to the four corners of the earth, on their ships plying the worlds oceans, the tradition of a fry up on Sunday morning was sacrosanct. In the United Kingdom, the tradition of the full English breakfast is one that is in the ascendance again and we want to celebrate and support this centuries old tradition by nominating the first Sunday of April as International English Breakfast Day.

We feel that an International English Breakfast Day would achieve three goals worth pursuing, firstly it would help support our local farmers, butchers and cafe owners, secondly it would celebrate an icon of Englishness internationally and finally, it would publicly honour an iconic national dish, enjoyed by millions of British and Commonwealth citizens spread across the planet.

You can get involved on the day by enjoying our beloved national dish and sharing the experience on social media using the official English Breakfast Day hashtag #EnglishBreakfastDay.

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