English Breakfast Media Coverage

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English breakfast media coverage

Thank You To All Of The Journalists & Media Outlets Who Covered A Great Tradition

A lot of our work involves working with journalists, answering their questions and helping them understand the tradition of the English breakfast. We act as the PR team representing the tradition and make sure the English breakfast stays in the public eye. We want to say thank all of the journalists who covered our great tradition, we are proud of you and the English Breakfast Society salutes you.


A Regularly Updated List Of English Breakfast Media Coverage


BBC Television

Our Chairman was invited by the BBC to breakfast with the late Sir Terry Wogan and filmed for the last television series he made with the BBC 'Terry & Masons Great Food Trip, talking about the history of the English breakfast on camera. Learn more about this in our article on breakfast with Sir Terry.



Country Life

We helped Country Life come up with ten solid reasons why the traditional English breakfast is one of the worlds great meals. Thank you to the Country Life team for flying the flag!



BBC Travel

In this article, with a little help from the English Breakfast Society, the BBC makes the case that England makes the worlds greatest breakfast. Thank you to BBC Travel for flying the flag!



The Telegraph

In this article The Telegraph covers the nine best places in the United Kingdom to eat a traditional full English breakfast, we helped them put their list together and contact the establishments owners.



The Washington Post

In this article the Washington Post covers the joys of being a Bed and Breakfast inkeeper, featuring an English Breakfast Society member (Fellow) by the name of Mike Amery. Great work Mike!.



BBC Vietnam

In this article for BBC Vietnam, we helped the BBC tell the story of the traditional full English breakfast to Vietnamese who had probably never heard of the tradition before.



CNN Travel

In this article on the nine great rivalries, CNN Travel covers the (very well known) ferocious rivalry between the full English breakfast and the continental breakfast.



National Geographic

This is a great article on how the language of food has been used in history to describe money, we helped the National Geographic team learn the history of ´bringing home the bacon´.



Country Life

We worked with the Country Life team a second time to help them discover some of the seven best breakfasts in the United Kingdom and their readers discover a grand old tradition.




When the team at BuzzFeed needed 23 delicious facts about the traditional full English breakfast, they reached out to us after getting stuck on fact number nine. Thank you team BuzzFeed!



Florida Today

When the good people at Florida Today needed some facts, figures, history and a recipe about the full English breakfast, they knew to come and talk to us. Thank you for the coverage!.



Oxford Mail

With a little help from us, the good people over at the Oxford Mail went to great lengths to ensure that their readers never made the mistake of sullying their English breakfast with hash browns.



Liverpool Echo

The team over at the Liverpool Echo know news when they see it and reported on the fierce and ongoing debate about what ingredients should actually be in a full English breakfast.


In addition to the media coverage that we listed above, we have been featured in hundreds of foreign news outlets over the years, far too many to list here. We are a non-profit Society staffed by volunteers, if you like the work we do, appreciate our efforts and want to support our cause, please buy us a coffee using the button below. Here at the English Breakfast Society, we love our caffeine!

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