English Breakfast Society Fellowship

Become an Honorary Fellow of the Society.

Become A Fellow Of The Society

You can help support our cause by becoming an Honorary Fellow of the English Breakfast Society.

All members will be listed in the publicly available Fellows Directory and remain members of the society for life. In order to qualify for membership, you MUST first contribute to the cause.

We have some members who have made a movie about the English breakfast, others who run cafes which represent our tradition at its best, others have chosen to write about the English breakfast, all have contributed to the cultural tradition in some unique way of their own.

You are permitted to use your official title on your correspondence and social media profiles and after your surname (eg: Peter Smythson, Fellow) as you would with any other title to indicate your status within Society, if this is something you wish to do. To be considered for a Fellowship, please send us an email detailing your cultural contribution, or subscribe to become a Fellow.

  • Membership : Lifetime Member
  • Title : Fellow (Honorary)
  • Process : Contribution To The Cause

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