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Each of the distinguished individuals listed below are Fellows of our Society, each of them has contributed to the culture and tradition of the English breakfast in a substantial way, and in recognition of their significant cultural contribution to the English breakfast tradition we publicly recognised their efforts, and formally awarded them a Fellowship of the English Breakfast Society.

Some of our Fellows made a movie about the English breakfast, others run cafes which serve them at their best, some have written or spoken publicly about the tradition, and all have contributed culturally in their own way. Fellows are entitled to use their title, or post nominal letters after their names (eg: Jim Smith, Fellow or Jim Smith, FEBS) to indicate their Fellowship of a learned society.


Dr Kaori O'Connor - UK

Ameer Kotecha - UK

Raul E. Ausa - USA

Poet Of Cuisine - UK

Dave Courtney OBE - UK

Reid Books - NI

Manish Patel - UK

Ralph Stewart - UK

Ned Vaught - USA

Michele Cremona - UK

Dave Fry - UK

Dr. Huw Kruger Gray - UK

Joel Lewis - UK

Michael Amery - USA

Terry Theobald - THAI

Howard Greaves - CAN

Tim Wheeler - UK

Sarah-Jane Muddiman - UK

Jon Gale - UK

Harrk Backhouse - UK

Ashley Cooper - AUS

Rhys Shaw-McDowall - UK

Toby Butler, Fellow - UK

Allen Prewer - UK

Chris Porter - UK

James Butterworth - UK

Matt Hornsby - UK

Mike Hobbs - UK

John Bulmer - UK

James Archer - UK

Tim Sumrall - UK


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