English Breakfast World Championship

by Guise Bule Cash Prize
English Breakfast World Championship

An open international competition devoted to the English breakfast tradition

The English Breakfast World Championship has one goal, to find the worlds best English breakfast and the people who helped make it. Once a year on English Breakfast Day our Fellows vote on the competition submissions we have recieved from the previous eleven months. The competition runs every year, beginning on January the 1st, and ends with a vote on the winner on December the 2nd.

The winners of the competition will recieve a cash prize of £500 GBP, the title of English Breakfast World Champions, an award signed by our Chairman, and honorary Fellowships of our Society.

This competition is sponsored by our Chairman, on behalf of our Fellows, to showcase the best of English breakfast culture and celebrate a centuries old British culinary tradition.

The competition is open to anyone, anywhere, in recognition of the international acclaim of the English breakfast tradition. If you wish to take part, you must privately submit your entry to us by email, or via a private message on social media. We will announce new contestants on our social media channels, and publish them on a dedicated championship page that will updated throughout the year.

Competition Rules

  1. You must name your plate, and if applicable your team.
  2. Your plate must contain at least one unusual historical or traditional ingredient.
  3. It should contain more than one choice of sausage, bacon or pudding.
  4. The meats should represent the regional variety of the tradition.
  5. You must introduce each ingredient and its background.
  6. You must provide the cost of each ingredient and your breakfast.
  7. You must take some high quality photos of your breakfast.
  8. One photo must have those who made the breakfast in it.
  9. Your breakfast should be something special, made with pride.

All entries will be judged by the Chairman of our society, each admitted entry will have its own dedicated public voting page on our website, and the winner with the highest score will be announced on English Breakfast Day. We will accept entries until November 25th. Your entry will be judged on presentation, ingredients, creativity, historical detail, and the quality/variety of your meats.

Good luck to those of you who want to take part, if you have any questions you can reach us on twitter, Facebook or Linkedin, and you can also give us a call on +44 (0)1992 364 007.

If you are interested in history, heritage and recipes of the traditional English breakfast, check out our official English Breakfast Handbook, lovingly produced by the English Breakfast Society.

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